What is Bufo ALvarius?

A Spiritual Rebirth

Our holy sacrament, Bufo Alvarius, often referred to as Bufo, Sapito, or simply 'Toad Sacrament,' has a rich history in spiritual practices. Our sacred sacrament originates from the Sonoran Desert and has been used in various indigenous rituals throughout the region for centuries.  The toad's secretion, containing potent compounds like 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenin, is known for facilitating deeply mystical and transformative experiences. These substances are celebrated for their ability to induce profound spiritual awakenings, mental and physical healing, offering insights and emotional release.

 Spiritual Blessings of Bufo Alvarius

*Pathways to Enlightenment:*

- Breaks the cycle of various addictions.

- Releases both known and unknown burdens.

- Contributes to more restful sleep.

- Promotes both physical and mental relaxation.

- Assists in healing psychosomatic illnesses.

- Addresses physical ailments from a spiritual perspective.

- Enhances understanding and practice of meditation.

- Aids in confronting and managing emotions like fear, anger, jealousy, and envy.

- Offers deep relief from emotional and traumatic stress.

- Activates and cleanses the pineal gland.

- Boosts the immune system.

- Facilitates a deeper connection with one's soul, integrating it with the physical being.

- Helps overcome fears and negative patterns.

- Liberates from the past.

- Brings peace and freedom to the mind.

- Encourages a profound opening of the heart.

- Provides a sensation of rebirth.

- Resets the mind, spirit, and body.

- Helps in discovering life's purpose.

- Aids in controlling thoughts and improving mental focus.

- Improves personal relationships.

- Activates the 'third eye' for heightened intuition.

- Increases self-love and self-acceptance.

- Alleviates both physical and mental pain.

- Reduces stress effectively.

- Leads to insightful, deep inner answers.

- Enhances communication with spiritual entities.

- Offers mental clarity and creative ideas, lasting several months post-ceremony.

- Boosts confidence and determination.

- Facilitates a deeper understanding of one’s spiritual nature.

Divine Support for Spiritual Challenges:

- Mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages.

- Chronic fatigue.

- Substance addictions including drugs, alcohol, nicotine, and pain medication.

- Behavioral and psychological addictions.

- Emotional dependencies, including in relationships.

- Food and sugar cravings.

- Stress-related conditions.

- Various forms of depression, including postpartum depression.

- Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders.

- Body toxicity.

- Heartbreak and emotional pain.

- Health issues like endometriosis, candidiasis, parasites, depersonalization, hepatitis, hormonal imbalances.

- Social anxiety, phobias, and other psychological conditions.

- Sexual health concerns and dysfunctions.

- A range of anxiety and panic disorders.

- Personality and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Preparing for a Sacred Toad Ceremony: Guidelines and Essentials

To ensure a sacred and safe journey, please adhere to these guidelines:

- Medication Caution: Any use of MAOIs or SSRIs can interact negatively with the Bufo sacrament and must be stopped prior to ceremony.  For your safety, please alert the facilitator of any medications you are currently taking upon booking the ceremony.  

- Fasting: Abstain from food for at least 6 hours before the ceremony for physical and spiritual cleansing.

Donation and What to Bring

- Donation: A suggested minimum donation of $300 is requested for the Bufo ceremony.

- Essentials: Please bring a pillow, a large blanket to lay on for your comfort during the ceremony, and a water bottle.

Our holy sacrament is directly sourced from the Sonoran Desert in Mexico.  It is obtained in partnership and with the support of local tribe members. This ethically responsible approach involves a humane, quick, wild catch-and-release method, prioritizing the complete well-being and safety of the animals involved. The sacrament remains 100% pure, free from any industrial processing or alteration, preserving its pristine natural state.  This process guarantees that throughout harvesting, no harm, pain, or suffering is inflicted on the sacred animals at any stage.

A suggested donation of $300 is requested to be paid before the date of the ceremony. Donations can be made using the email address donations@963tribe.com through Zelle, Venmo, or CashApp.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the donation, please feel free to reach out to the facilitator.
Please note that we want everyone to have the opportunity to participate, and no one will be turned away due to financial constraints.

Embrace this sacred ceremony with respect, openness, and a heart ready for profound transformation. The journey with Bufo Alvarius extends beyond the ceremonial space, offering continuous spiritual growth and self-discovery.